Principles relating to collecting personal data

Personal information connected to the visitor and/or occupier are processed under the provisions of the law of 8 December 1992, relating to the processing of personal data. Concretely, this means, in particular, that:

Processing Manager

Any request or question relating to privacy protection on the site can be sent to us, to the postal address of: VISIBLE SPRL Troisème Avenue 24 in B-4040 Herstal (Belgium) - Tel.: +32 (0)4 341 47 17 - Fax: +32 (0)4 343 05 57 - Email:

Use for statistical purposes of information relating to browsing

When you access the site, the consulted servers automatically collect the following data:

This information is kept for the sole purpose of measuring the number of visitors into different sections of the site so as we can bring improvements.

Use of cookies

With the aim of facilitating your browsing on the site, as well as optimising technical management, VISIBLE can occasionally be led to use "cookies".

A "cookie" is a small piece of information, saved by a website within the Internet browser of your computer. This "cookie" can be recovered at the time of a later visit to the same site. The "cookie" cannot be read by another website, only the one which created it. The site uses "cookies" for administrative purposes, for example, to record your preferences for certain types of information, which means you will avoid having to type the same thing on the keyboard during each visit to our website.

Most "cookies" only work at the time of a session or visit. None of them contain information making you likely to be able to be contacted by telephone, email or post. It is also possible for you to configure your browser for it to inform you when each "cookie" is created, or to prevent them being recorded.

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