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Using the VISIBLE website is subject to respecting the general terms and conditions outlined below. By accessing this site, you declare you are aware and have accepted, with no reservation, these general terms and conditions of use.

Quality of information and service, limitation of responsibility

VISIBLE takes the greatest care in creating its site. However, it does not guarantee the accuracy of information which is offered there. The user is also aware that this information is liable to be changed with no prior notice. Because of this, VISIBLE holds no responsibility as regards content or use which could be made of its site.

The visitor's attention is drawn to the fact that tariffs and prices possibly outlined on the site are given as indicative. To obtain an official quote or a solid offer, please contact VISIBLE SPRL directly, at Troisième Avenue, 24 in B-4040 Herstal (Belgium) - Tel.: +32 (0)4 341 47 17 - Fax: +32 (0)4 343 05 57 - Email: info@visible.be

The hypertext links on the site directing users to other websites do not make VISIBLE liable for the content of these sites. The risks connected to using these sites fall fully to the user. They will comply with their terms and conditions of use.

Additionally, VISIBLE cannot be held responsible for errors in site addresses or domain names appearing on its site.

Despite agreed efforts to avoid as many interruptions as possible, due to technical issues, VISIBLE holds no responsibility for service interruptions or other technical problems.

Intellectual property rights

Text, page layouts, logos, photographs, videos, illustrations and other elements making up the site are protected by copyright, or, databases by a specific right. All these elements constitute VISIBLE property, and brands commercialised by the company, or, where necessary, a third party from which VISIBLE has obtained the necessary authorisation.

Except for any contrary stipulation, the text information or information in figures appearing on the site can be used, free of charge, but through mentioning the source and only for use which is not commercial, nor for advertising. However, any commercial or advertising reproduction of this information, likewise any forms of use and reproduction of other elements making up the site, such as the graphic line, images, videos, animations, sounds or IT applications, are strictly forbidden without prior authorisation. Any request in this regard must be sent in writing to VISIBLE SPRL Troisième Avenue, 24 in B-4040 Herstal (Belgium) - Tel.: +32 (0)4 341 47 17 - Fax: +32 (0)4 343 05 57 - Email: info@visible.be.

Creating hyperlinks to the VISIBLE site

authorises the creation, without prior request, of surface linking, which sends you back to the site's homepage or to any other page within the site. However, the solution to all techniques aiming to include all or part of the site in a website by masking, would only partially be the exact origin of the information which could lead to confusion regarding the information's origin, such as framing or in-lining, requires written authorisation from VISIBLE. Any request in this regard must be sent in writing to VISIBLE SPRL Troisième Avenue, 24 in B-4040 Herstal (Belgium) - Tel.: +32 (0)4 341 47 17 - Fax: +32 (0)4 343 05 57 - Email: info@visible.be.

Information sent

Do not send illegal, threatening, slanderous, obscene, scandalous, provocative, pornographic or blasphemous information, or any other information which could lead to civil or criminal liability, according to the law of the Territory to which this Site is referred.


Any piracy attempt or action of the VISIBLE site is liable to lead to legal proceedings before the district courts of Verviers (Belgium).

Complete contact details

VISIBLE SPRL Troisième Avenue , 24 in B-4040 Ans (Belgium) - Tel.: +32 (0)4 341 47 17 - Fax: +32 (0)4 343 05 57 - Email: info@visible.be
Company number: Liège Trade Register VAT (BE) 0465.349.679
Bank ING 340-0251966-95 I IBAN BE76 3400 2519 6695 - BIC CODE BBRUBEBB I

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